Command your AI

Smartify.AI gives LLMs like ChatGPT the ability to execute actions and automate tasks across 100s of popular apps on command.

Boost your productivity by letting Smartify.AI complete tedious and repetitive tasks for you.

Execute Complex Tasks Effortlessly Across Your Tools

Streamline task completion through your AI Assistant
Add advanced data retrieval and command capabilities to any LLM
Use your GPT or ours with flexible hosting options


Connect effortlessly with hundreds of popular apps including Google Workspace, GitLab, Hubspot, Slack and many more.

Enhanced Security

Your data's security is our top priority. Smartify.AI ensures your information is protected with advanced encryption and compliance practices as well as self-hosted enterprise options.

Use simple narratives to create complex automation

Execute a sequence of actions using your favorite tools just by asking.

A few more things you’re going to love

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Instant Automation

Create automated workflows by stringing together actions through a simple narrative.

Task Management

Keep track of your To Do's in the Smartify App. With one click your AI Assistant will start completing tasks.

Streamlined Communication

Cut down on tabs by using Smartify.AI as a virtual assistant in Slack, through the Smartify App, or even with voice commands.

Advanced Permissions

Create custom roles and app permissions that align to job or application functions across your organization.

Custom AI Training

Tailored to understand your organizational documentation and workflows, and apps.

SSO Integration

SAML integration comes standard in every plan. Control access using Okta, Keycloak, Auth0 and more.

Flexible Hosting Options

LLM & Hosting Options for every use case

With Smartify.AI you can use your Large Language Model (LLM) or one of ours. Smartify.AI can be self-hosted on-premise or in the cloud, or used as a managed service.

With either option you can choose from supported LLMs including ChatGPT, Llama, & Gemini

Integrate with your favorite tools

Supercharge your AI